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Camp - June 21, 2010

June the 6th marked the date that every CFL Team opened up it's official Training Camp. Each team opened up their training camp roster featuring around 75-80 potential job applicants whom they have deem worthy of shot to wear their logo as ambassador of 2010.

In the midst of 75 to 80 guys individually slugging it out fighting for the right to further their career competing at the highest level they possibly can to earn a spot on their respective team, each player must keep at the forefront of their minds the collective goals and philosophy of their organization or team. Every word spoken, every questioned answered, every play played in practice or a game, right to down to your body language overall is being evaluated by the coaches and GMs. All the players must be on top of their game at all times because how else would coaches, Gms, and player personnel guys eliminate candidates if their talents are equal. If to players talents are equal, then the common eliminator is which of the two best fit in with the core group of players that is already in our locker room. The point is, ever thing in training camp is a competition. A CFL Training Camp usually last around 3 weeks with each team playing 2 preseason games. Every day in that 3 week period, we as players go out on the practice field and put our best foot forward knowing with each every play that we are apart of and with every effort we give, we stamp the minds of our coaches rather it be good or bad. When the evaluation period is over and the 2 preseason games are played, about half or more of the 80 guys in each of the 8 CFL Training Camps anxiously await the verdict of a phone to congratulate or dismiss their efforts of competing in their 2010 training camp. The beautiful thing about competing, or the Art of Competing is this; after we as players knowingly compete hard individually one against another in training camp, we still come together and gel as one team all around the CFL. The teams that Gel the best are usually the ones playing in the Grey Cup!

- Barrin Simpson