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From the childhood Favorite 51 to 5 - June 12, 2009

I grew up as a youngster in St.Loius, MO loving the Dallas Cowboys and football the same. Tony Dorsett was my favorite player, but Ken Norton Jr. was my favorite LB. I started playing football at the age of 6, playing the positions of Running back and Middle Linebacker. I guest you can understand why Tony D and Ken Norton Jr where my favorites as a Cowboy fan. As I grew older and went on into my high school years, I took a liking to the MLB position and Ken Norton Jr quickly move up my chart as my favorite player. I loved watching his energetic style of play that brought a lot of energy to the Cowboy's defense and the leadership skills that he displayed. I quickly patterned my game after his in the areas of bring energy and being a leader for the defenses and teams I played on. The desire to wear #51 all came from my appreciation of the way Ken Norton Jr played the game. For 8 years professionally I sported the #51 proudly, but this 2009 season I will sport the #5.

Why the change? After being injured for the first time in career that caused me miss 14 games, I had a lot of time reflect on how much fun I have playing this childhood dream of a game. I've never taken for granted the privilege given to me by God to do something I love to do for a living, but I declared to myself that I would have as much fun as possible for all of my remaining years; From that declaration, came my desire to change my number. It started as a bright idea over the off season, and then the opportunity presented itself this training camp when Coach Rick Campbell asked me to consider changing my number to have an eligible number for special teams purposes. Well let's just say I jumped at that opportunity. I didn't really think it was going to be allowed by the marketing department, but they where gamed for it.

Why #5? First of all I had to keep a number either the 5 or the 1 from 51, 5 was available and I didn't really want #1; so five it is. It fits me well because I like to play with a lot of energy and I can a hopefully be Vitamin B5 shot to my team and teammates. Second of all, since high school I always wanted to where a single digit number and I never really got around to wearing one and now is the perfect time to do it. A fresh start, a new season, a new number and a new look. Thirdly, let's just say the 5th time's a charm. I'll explain that one later. Hey, if Kobe can give up his #8 in which he won 3 championships in, then I can give up #51 that I have won 0 championships in; but it was known as my trade mark. Well for the Barrin Simpson/ B51/ B5 fans that visit barrinsimpson.com thanks for all your support and stay tuned for more updates and info from training camp and the season! Peace be with you and your house, and may you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prosper!

- Barrin Simpson