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Free Agency & Trades - February 21, 2009

The month of February for CFL fans is like being a blind dog in a meet house who haven't eaten in months. Just starving for. Some exciting news about their respective teams or better yet any news about their beloved team. Come on TSN we should at least have an Inside The CFL show. But on with the topic; the free agent period spells all kinds of moves: trades, releasings, swapping of draft picks, salary dumpings, angry players, happy players, lions, tigers, and bears oh my. Uh oh, sorry got a little carried away there. But a number of players change uniforms at this time of the year which causes a major uproar about who's going to play in Calgary for the 2009 Grey Cup Championship when this free agent frenzy dust settles.

I personally think we the Bluebombers have won in this free agent period along with the trades we made; Am I bias no way man:) The possibility of landing in Calgary looks good from where I'm sitting with the players we've added to the team we already have. With that being said, what looks good on paper must transfer to the field.

Now on too the trade that every fan in Bomberland and across Canada was patiently waiting on to happen. Barrin or Zeke, being trade to who? Well fans I'm happy to be staying in Winnipeg wearing Blue and Gold. I could have opted out, but there's some unfinished business of delivering on the expectation of ending the Grey Cup drought that we the players and coaches have built in the hearts of our bomber fans, that I couldn't just leave behind. I'm not leaving Winnipeg without winning a Grey Cup, so fans you and I are stuck with each other at least until we win a Championship. The other reason I stayed is because the coaching staff expressed their belief in my ability to be an impact player through making plays and leadership, I was sold on staying after that. I will say this, the coaching staff will be well pleased in their decision to keep me and so will you. That's all for now fans be sure to check the blog page periodically for monthly blogs.

Peace be with you and your house and may you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prosper.

- Barrin Simpson