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Ask Barrin

July 26, 2009

From Erich

Hi Barrin, Im a Christian and know you are too, aand was wondering. Obby is a Muslim right? So do you two get along with eachother? And is their other christian players that played or have played for the Bombers? Wishing you luck for this season, Erich

Hi Erich,
Yes, Obby is a Muslim and we get along just fine, we have a lot of respect for one another. Yes we have a lot Christians on the team around about 10-13 Christians.

From James Gorman

Hey Barrin, Just wanna say you and the rest of the team played great against Calgary last night. My question to you is, how bad does the swearing and language get on the field? Im only in high school and Sometimes its get crazy in there in the heat of the game. I was just wondering if its any different in the pro game.. We can only hear so much from the stands, but I imagine that TSN has to scour through the players talking when they have them mic'd up just to get a clean couple lines haha!!

Hi James thanks for posting your question. Its not as bad as you would think, only when tempers flare do guys swear for the most part of it. Guys have to put to much energy into each individual play to be swearing for the sake of swearing.

From Derek

Need to get some pics with a number 5 for the site. Defense looks great this year.

Got some up for you Derek and there will be more to come, thanks for posting.

From Elliott Simpkins

why did you change your number to 5? your my fav player in the cfl and i just wonna know why you changed your number. if you could msg me back or atleast get someone else to tell me that would be great and if you cant thats ok to

Actually Elliott, I have a blog on the website up in the blog section called "From Childhood Fav 51 to 5"

From Crystal Edwards

Hi Barrin, I just wanted to say, I'm glad to see you back on the field with the Blue and Gold! I like what I've seen so far and hope that you will continue to punish anyone who comes your way! OH Yea, and I was also wondering if you'll be signing autographs this year? I would love one to put in our blue and gold bathroom my husband and I created this winter. Right now most of our autographed photos of Bomber either don't play anymore for the bombers (Roberts,Goodspeed and Sheridan) or are retired (Stegall)

Thanks Crystal, and I appreciate your post. I'm sorry Crystal, I just had a signing a couple of days ago at the Light Christ Store, but feel free to bring anything you want signed to one of our open practices and I will sign it for you.

From Nick Kaczmar

Hey Barrin, im a big fan of yours man. I just got a quick question for you and I was wondering, what's the funniest thing a CFL fan has ever yelled at you? Thanks keep up the good work

What's up Nick thanks for posting. I would say in 2005 playing in Regina when one the fans yelled out Barrin forget BC, come to Regina we'll treat you better than they are treating you, while my defensive coordinator was trying to talk to me. He got mad because I was going to be a free agent at the end of the season. His reaction to the fan was priceless.

From Bill Yu

What's up, Preacher? I'm not sure if you'll remember me, but we met and prayed during Grey Cup weekend in 2007 (I'm the Korean-Canadian who gave you the new Bomber colour shoes after I saw your old Reeboks). How're you feeling? I hope you're feeling 100%! A torn pectoral muscle sounds brutal! What'd you do for rehab? It was a shame that you weren't able to play last year, and I know the Bombers rely on your physical and spiritual leadership! Be well, be blessed and win or lose I know you'll give Him glory (just try not to beat up Toronto, okay?)! Bill :)

What's up Bill, nice to hear from you again and I hope all is well with you. I'm blessed as usual and I'm 100% back from that injury. Rehab was a lot of hard work that I don't have the space in this q+a to explain, but everthing went good and you be blessed as well.

From Jerrett Rolley

Hey Barrin! nice site maan,keep the big plays on the field coming..good luck during 2009 season.

Thanks Jarrett for posting and as long as the LORD keeps me healthy, I will keep producing.