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Ask Barrin

February 8, 2009

From Ryan Cena

Hey Barrin.. Well with the coaching staff all settled in, how do u feel Lyle and Kelly did on that search?

I think Lyle did a great job of finding a Winnipeg guy who knows this organization for Head Coach in Mike Kelly, I think Coach Kelly did a great job of putting together a group of well rounded, and very experienced coaching staff.


From DM31

Hey B.Simp I was just checking out your new designed website and it looks pretty good, man who ever does your website is the man!!!! I really like the new logo thats clean buddy. Continue to get beastly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks DM31, that man is Jeff Armstead web and graphic designer. Being beastly is my mission DM31!


From Marshall

Hey Barrin, I'm a linebacker in grade 10 I'm about 6 foot 175, I would love to play football at the next level. I was wondering if you could provide me with some advice or pointers that could help me improve my game.

My greatest advice to you Marshall would be #1 Set a goal which is your Desire of Playing on the next level, #2 Be determine to accomplish it, not letting anyone tell you can't, #3 Be discipline enough to reach your goal doing whatever it takes the right way. Desire, Determination, and Discipline will get you to your destiny.


From Franca McQuiggin

Just wanted to tell you that I am so very happy you'll be back with the Bombers this year. I have met you a few times at the Bomber fan days and you are always so gracious and friendly posing for pictures etc. (even when I had to squeeze your bicep!!) I have no shame!! So looking forward to your hard hitting action on the field. Stay healthy and see you at training camp! Well, not really, but, you know what I mean! Sincerely, Franca (30 year season ticket holder)

Thanks Franca, I'm delighted to be back.